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I was called by SPAK, Meta: Here's what I was asked about and why I don't trust the Special Prosecutor's Office

I was called by SPAK, Meta: Here's what I was asked about and why I

President of the Freedom Party, Ilir Meta, in a press conference, said that he was called to SPAK as the main informant of RamaReforma. Meta considered SPAK as the blindest ally of Edi Rama, adding that the Special Prosecution has no success. Even Meta said that SPAK is used by Edi Rama against those whom the PL President considered as "squeezed lemons".

Meta called Altin Duman a provocateur in the service of Edi Rama. "He had the problem of the incinerator, he does not have the problem that the citizens of Tirana are being robbed every day. Why doesn't this Dumani investigate the Port of Durrës? Ask me today, do you know Alberto Ranchini? I tell him what is this? No, this one gave you flowers for your birthday," said Meta.

"After the judicial reform was signed with 140 votes, they continued the game by electing Arta Marku with 69 votes as Prosecutor General, then she elected KLP as she pleased and then they elected SPAK, which today is controlled by Edi Rama and Engjëll Agaçi, the main character of the RAI3 report.

I was called as a whistleblower for that oath to Lana, that candidate for judge in the Constitutional Court. We have a Constitutional Court that today gave 99% of the decisions in favor of the Government.

I have been called as a whistleblower for the plans for the division of Kosovo, by not declaring Edi Rama the proposed candidate for Foreign Minister.

I was called as a whistleblower in the sea affair, which has Edi Rama as the main protagonist. I have addressed the deputies with a letter to take the responsibilities that belong to them for a major issue.

I was summoned because I denounced SPAK that did not investigate any of those election crimes. It is the responsibility of SPAK to also investigate the murder that happened in Elbasan.

I took to SPAK all the custom laws made by Edi Rama and SPAK did not investigate them.

I was called to SPAK after I denounced the forgery of the signature of the President of the Assembly, in that case for the investigation of the President.

I was called because I denounced the affair of the incinerators, that with their money, Edi Rama bought the elections", said Ilir Meta.


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