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From the construction of camps to requests for asylum, RAI's investigation: The Rama-Meloni Pact, as an electoral spot for the prime minister

From the construction of camps to requests for asylum, RAI's investigation:

"(Hot)Spot Albanian" the investigation of the show "Report" from RAI 3 gave details of the agreement between Italy and Albania for refugees, a pact that is expected to cost the Italians about 1 billion euros for 5 years.

Italian politics has described this agreement, among other things, as an electoral spot for Prime Minister Meloni on the eve of the European elections. The agreement between the two countries has also received the blessing of the President of the European Commission, Ursula von del Leyen, describing it as a possible model for Europe.

As stated in the RAI investigation, the agreement stipulates that Italy will pay for the construction of the two camps in Shengjin and Gjadër from scratch, since there is nothing there and the estimated deadline for the completion of the works is May 20 of this year on the eve of the European elections.

The Italian Minister of the Interior is in charge of managing the tenders for the construction of the camps and has assured that the deadlines will be respected, but the staff of the show 'Report' has landed in Shengjin to monitor the situation of the works, but what they found is only the beginning of some sporadic works.

At the site, 'Report' has learned something that the Italian government has kept quiet, which means the company that the Italian ministry has appointed to do the works. The information board at the entrance to the construction area bears the name 'AKKAD', the Puglia construction company headed by the boss Fabrizio Palmiotti, President of the Puglia Construction Network.

In Gjadër, the works are even more delayed, so the deadline for the completion of the works seems to have slipped from May to November, accompanied by an increase in initial costs.

The Italian Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, anticipates bringing to Albania 36,000 immigrants per year for 5 years, thinking that her government is able to examine 3,000 asylum requests per month, and according to the 'Report', her government's optimism must be faced with the pessimism of the Italian bureaucracy.

For this reason, 'Report' addressed the specialists of 'NumeroVerde' who deal with the assistance of immigrants for asylum requests and according to their experience it takes about 3 months just to present the request.

Specialists point to the Rome office as an example and explain that the slowness of the procedure has made the requests to be reviewed and the 2022 application hearings to be held.

In short, according to them, the procedures for reviewing asylum requests and obtaining documents or permits take about two and a half years, while Meloni claims that he will complete this procedure in only 28 days.

The agreement was realized because of the good relations between the two countries, but above all it was signed especially because of the exceptionally good relations between Meloni and Rama.

Between the two, a relationship is established that is not limited to the formal protocols of the states, as was also seen at the EU Summit in Moldova and then with Melon's summer vacation in Albania at Prime Minister Rama's villa on the beach.

'Report' confesses that it has tried to contact Rama to ask for an interview, but they have not received an answer. For this reason, 'Report' arrived in Tirana during an international Summit (2-day EU-Western Balkans Summit in February) and tried to ask him some questions when he was waiting for his friends on the red carpet.

Journalist: Prime Minister, I am from 'Report', Rai 3. Can I ask you a question?

Rama: Later.

Journalist: Mr. Prime Minister, can I ask you about the Italy-Albania agreement? May I ask you, how is it possible for us Italians to be so generous? For 5 years, the security for this agreement will cost us Italians 100 million euros.

Rama: I don't do your calculations.

Journalist: It is what you ask Italy

Rama: No, zero!

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