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Protest in front of Tirana City Hall, one citizen is arrested, six others are prosecuted

Protest in front of Tirana City Hall, one citizen is arrested, six others are

One citizen has been arrested and 6 others have been criminally prosecuted in connection with yesterday's protest in front of the municipality of Tirana. 



The Local Directorate of the Tirana Police, in relation to the violent acts carried out during the protest held yesterday, in front of the Tirana Municipality, by the Alliance for the Protection of the Theater, following the investigative and procedural actions and under the direction of the Prosecutor's Office at the Court of First Instance Before the General Jurisdiction of Tirana, he arrested the citizen in flagrante delicto:

- BK, 39 years old, resident in Tirana, for the criminal offenses "Disturbance of public peace", "Assaults due to duty", "Destruction of property by fire", "Breach of rules on explosives and incendiary substances", and "Opposition of the public order police officer".

Also, citizens EP, 24 years old, DP, 62 years old, RD, 20 years old, IT, 49 years old, KK, 43 years old, and PO, 66 years old, were prosecuted for the criminal offenses "Disturbing public peace", " Destruction of property", and "Disobedience to the order of the public order police officer". 

The materials were passed to the Prosecutor's Office.

Yesterday, the 12th protest took place in front of the municipality, demanding the removal of the mayor Erion Velaj from his post after the arrest of the directors of the municipality in connection with the 5D file. Even yesterday's protest took place with tensions and clashes between the police and the protesters. Citizens threw Molotov cocktails at the building and burned tires in front of the police cordon. Meanwhile, the next opposition protest in front of Tirana City Hall will be held on Friday at 11:00.

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