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He was arrested in Skrapar, this is who the 27-year-old is wanted for a shepherd's house in England

He was arrested in Skrapar, this is who the 27-year-old is wanted for a

Following the nationwide operational plan coded "Clean Territory", the police operation coded "Rehova" was finalized last night.

It has been a proactive investigation for several months, initiated by the prosecution Albiona Papajani, prosecutor of the Prosecution at the Court of First Instance of the General Jurisdiction Berat, which has put the criminal activity of 27-year-old Astrit Baja under observation for several months.

Criminal proceedings 251/2024 were directed by the Papajani prosecution, a few months after Baja's deportation from Great Britain, where he was arrested together with another Albanian in April 2023 for a bar house worth 100,000 pounds.

The reports received by the prosecutor's office confirmed the fact that Astrit Baja had turned the forest of the village of Rehovo into a land of narcotics, where after the "blitz" action of the police, 287 cannabis plants (in cubes and on the ground) were found and seized by burning.

During the police operation in the village of Rehovë, it was found that the 27-year-old Astrit Baja had prepared several places in the wooded area, with the purpose of cultivating narcotic plants, and that he had cultivated 287 cannabis plants in cubes and on the ground.

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