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Bora asks about Efi, this is how Luizi answers

Bora asks about Efi, this is how Luizi answers

The former residents of Big Brother VIP Albania continue to be commented even after the end of the show.

The reports between the former competitors still arouse the curiosity of the public, especially the report between the winner of the second edition of BBVA, Luiz Ejlli and the finalist, Efi Dhedhe.

The pair who initially had a friendship with each other, after the re-entry of Efi, things between them were not the same.

The two had some strong arguments until just before the grand finale, while after leaving the famous house, they have never been seen together.

And precisely about the relationship he currently has with Efi, Luizi was asked by the moderator Bora Zemani while he was invited as a commentator on "Purputhen".


Bora Zemani: How is your relationship with Efi? Are you dating?

Luizi: They are fine, I don't have time to drink coffee with my mother, not with Efi anymore.

Bora Zemani: If you have time, will you have coffee with Efi?

Luizi: Yes, I will drink it, with cold milk, makia

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