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Vučić dismisses the mayor of the municipality of Preševo, Shqiprim Arifi: Anti-Albanian actions, I informed the internationals

Vučić dismisses the mayor of the municipality of Preševo, Shqiprim


Shqirim Arifi has been dismissed from the position of mayor of Presheva. Arifi informed that the dismissal was made by the government of Belgrade.

In a reaction, Arifi writes that the decision came after the last threat of Serbian President Aleksandar Vučič and after the Serbian court was sentenced for placing the Albanian national flag on November 28

Arifi adds that 'this anti-Albanian regime violently installed a temporary body until the next elections'.

"Yesterday at midnight, the authoritarian power in Belgrade, arbitrarily and without following any legal procedure, as well as without any official announcement, the Serbian and anti-Albanian regime, continuing the tradition of Milosevic from the 90s, violently FIRED me from my post of the Mayor of the Municipality of Presheva. At the same time, this violently anti-Albanian regime installed a temporary body until the next elections.

Vucic has been publicly threatening the Albanians of the Presheva Valley for some time. My violent DISCHARGE, at midnight last night, without any legal procedure and no notice, happens right after Vucic's last public threat this week and 24 hours after I was sentenced by the Serbian Court for planting the Albanian national flag on November 28. says Arifi.

Arifi says that discrimination against Albanians is an uninterrupted part of the policies of Vucic and his pro-Russian Serbia

"With these racist anti-Albanian actions that are the legacy of the policies of the Milosevic regime, today's Serbia of Vucic proves now for 3 decades and more, that it does not consider Albanians as human beings and even as equal citizens in Serbia. Discrimination against Albanians is a continuous agenda of the policies of Vucic and his pro-Russian Serbia.

So, in the social axis of Serbia and in the philosophical and political education of Serbia, this state essentially remains an autocratic regime which uses extreme Serbian nationalism against everyone, especially the Albanians and especially the Albanians of the Preševo ​​Valley.

I could not have carried out my violent DISCHARGE without the unsparing help of Serbophile Albanian speakers such as: Ragmi Mustafa, Shaip Kamberi, Ardita Sinani and Argjend Sherifi as well as some local mafia companies that cooperate with dark circles in Serbia. This political class, loyal collaborators of the Serbian regime for decades, have become an easy tool for Vučić and Serbia to carry out his anti-Albanian agenda in the Preševo ​​Valley.

That's why the head of the violent organization that was installed at midnight yesterday by Vucic, is Ragmi Mustafa, who 1 decade ago gave Vucic "ZAHVALLNICA - Acknowledgment" immediately after Vucic removed the tombstone with the names of the martyrs of the UÇPMB" , he adds.

Shqiprim Arifi declares that he has informed his international partners about his violent dismissal by Vucic.

"For my violent DISCHARGE and for all the aforementioned actors, who are continuously helping Serbia to harm the Albanians, I have notified our international partners the USA and the EU. With this violent DISCHARGE from the Serbian regime, I put an END to active politics in the Presheva Valley, but on the other hand, it has motivated me once again that the fight against injustice, discrimination, passivation and the fight for basic rights and the advocacy of the people's rights my, for the autochthonous Albanians of these lands, raise it to a higher level!" , concludes Arifi.

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