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Zelensky: I survived 5 assassination attempts by Putin

Zelensky: I survived 5 assassination attempts by Putin

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has dismissed repeated Russian attempts to kill him, comparing them to the Covid era. The leader said that at least "five or six" plots to kill him had been carried out and that they could have been prevented by Ukrainian intelligence services.

In an interview with "The Sun ", the president also said that Ukraine's will to defeat Vladimir Putin's Russia remains strong and morally, there is no stalemate. He said his people were tired of the constant airstrikes, tired of the shelling, tired of destroying their homes and killing their loved ones.

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In efforts to topple him, Zelensky said the first conspiracy caused a panic, like the first outbreak of Covid. But after that, they weren't that dangerous. Speaking to The Sun at his palace headquarters in Kiev, Zelensky admitted he had lost track of all attempts to kill him since Russia launched its offensive for a full-scale invasion on February 24 last year. .

In August, Ukraine's intelligence service (SBU) said it had foiled a plot to kill Zelensky with an airstrike in the southern city of Mykolaiv. The SBU said it arrested a woman accused of passing on details of his visit to Russia. One of Zelensky's aides said there had been at least a dozen attempts on his life within the first weeks of the war.

But when The Sun asked exactly how many plots he survived, he said he doesn't know exactly. A number of pro-Russian collaborators have been killed or injured by car bombs and fire traps believed to be the work of Ukrainian special forces and partisans.

He admitted that people were tired of the war, while adding that:

"We don't believe that Putin, nor Russia, we don't believe that they want to end the war. They want to kill us. And we want justice. Therefore, we are not talking about peace at any price. We are talking about a just peace, because it is very important when we talk about fatigue, where it comes from. Is it difficult on the battlefield? Yes. But to make friends or join the diplomatic table now with Russia? No!”

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