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Compulsory vaccination for MPs, Balla: We have agreed with the opposition, Committees meet online and in halls

Compulsory vaccination for MPs, Balla: We have agreed with the opposition,

The head of the SP parliamentary group, Taulant Balla, stated after the Assembly session that the decision to hold online commissions is not unconstitutional as the Democrats call it.

Balla said that both parties, the majority and the opposition have agreed on the mandatory vaccination of MPs, while adding that the holding of committee meetings will be done alternately, online and in halls.

"Naturally there will be commissions that will conduct the work online and just as naturally there will be committee meetings that will use the only two halls for remote commission meetings and as such I think the opposition will find other reasons to worry, but not this reason. At the conference of mayors we agreed on the mandatory vaccination of all deputies. The duration of the two doses is determined by the experts and depends on the type of vaccine. This is the best message the assembly makes today. In order not to inflate the balloon in vain, the committee meetings will continue in the traditional and online way. We agreed on this at the conference of mayors. The Assembly has reaffirmed some rules established in the previous legislature. There is no attempt here to kill parliamentarism, not to give space to the opposition. I think that let the work continue normally, in any case that the opposition will demand that the meetings be in the traditional way, the decision of the conference of presidents is clear. The Assembly of Albania must give the first message of care ", declared Balla.


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