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Bardhi: Deputies of Basha in defense of Xhaçka's mandate, refuse to sign the lawsuit

Bardhi: Deputies of Basha in defense of Xhaçka's mandate, refuse to

The head of the DP parliamentary group, Gazment Bardhi, after today's meeting at the blue headquarters, told the media that the deputies of Lulzim Basha's group, by order of the latter, refused to sign the lawsuit, defending Olta Xhaçka. .

According to him, the decision of the Constitutional Court for the Assembly was clear, where Olta Xhaçka had to be handed over to justice, but the most wrong message about the fight against impunity was sent.

"If you, by not implementing the decisions of the Constitutional Court, deprive the opposition of the opportunity to receive justice in the institutions proposed by the Constitution, you have practically overthrown the state, you have overthrown every democratic tool with which the opposition wants to fight its battles. That decision forced the majority to deliver Olta Xhaçka to justice. Political protection is the most wrong message in the fight against impunity that we have all agreed together for Albania to move forward. But we cannot have a false war against impunity. We cannot have justice for Edi Rama and justice for Edi Rama's opponents. There cannot be a political defense for Edi Rama's collaborators and an attack for Edi Rama's opponents.

For this reason, the group has decided today that it will resubmit to the Constitutional Court, the request for the mandate of Olta Xhaçka as an expression of our full will that we do not accept that in 2024 the decisions of the Constitutional Court will be openly violated, the decisions of justice will be openly violated by made political protection to a high exponent of the majority. I believed that Basha had no reason to defend Olta Xhaçka. I express my indignation that a part of Basha's group refused to join the lawsuit for the mandate of Olta Xhaçka, which we will send back to the Constitutional Court. Thus, clearly showing who is in favor of justice with deeds, that the word is simple. Arbi Agalliu, Oriola Pampuri, Merita Bakia and Salaudin Jakupllari have come together to protect Edi Rama, by order of Basha." - said Bardhi.

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