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Berisha: Even Veliaj has met with McConigal, they engaged him for declaring me "non grata"

Berisha: Even Veliaj has met with McConigal, they engaged him for declaring me

The head of the DP, Sali Berisha, also accuses the mayor, Erion Veliaj, of holding meetings with the former FBI agent, Charles McConigal, to lobby for the declaration of non grata of some persons.

Invited to "Ora e Beti" on Rtv Ora, Berisha said that McConigal was also committed to declaring him non grata.

BerishaUndoubtedly, 100%. Veliaj himself told him. People have come to me. In January 2019, Edi Rama told me in parliament that Sali does not cross the Atlantic. I didn't know anything, I had received invitations from time to time and I didn't go. I have no desire to travel.

I told him I don't represent anything, I'm an ex, an ex. Jo said it passes, you received a message. I have not received any messages. He tells others that he is declared "non grata" for conspiracy against US policy. I started to see the American law for my statements, I saw that I had nothing. Then I found it. After I opposed you with the greatest force to the project of changing the borders. I was the first voice to oppose it.

I was forced to oppose him every day because I was opposed every day. One by one, all the political leaders in Kosovo came to my office. They held a press conference. The Soros machine, since they had deceived that the border change project is fully agreed, it was not agreed but a project of 2-3 people. They came to me and made statements in my office, I didn't call any of them. Since they made statements against both in Pristina and at my office, they came up with the thesis that he conspired with the leaders of Kosovo and sabotaged American foreign policy. No matter how many supporters there were, they did not have the courage to take it to Pompeo.

I am full of data on this. Here were engaged with all their potential "McConigal" etc. I have publicly told the person who signed it that you decided on the basis of the corrupt lobbying of Edi Rama and Soros and I have only one solution, the court.


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