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Berisha for the incinerators: Ahmetaj did not move the government, he said that the prime minister did

Berisha for the incinerators: Ahmetaj did not move the government, he said that

Democratic leader Sali Berisha, during the presentation of the "Together We Win" coalition candidate for the municipality of Cërrik, stated that Prime Minister Rama moves from affair to affair, as he mentioned the port of Durrës as well as urban waste incinerators.

" Albanians are the most stolen people in the world. KLSH has found that the government stole and wasted 122 billion ALL last year. It is 1.1 billion euros for 9 months. They are 130% of the total wage fund in the country. If there was a will, the salaries would be doubled with the stolen money. Not only did they not double wages, but they raised prices.

 In capitalism, the market raises prices, not the government. In Edi Rama's Albania, the prices increased by the boards he appointed. It collected 520 million euros more. All your money. The VAT of all things bought increased in proportion to the price. Any government that has sensitivity to the citizens' economy, would return that money one by one. All governments did this, Kosovo did it too.

Today it is bought with a salary 30% less than what was bought in 2013. What happens to public assets. The biggest asset is the port of Durrës. Its value with the surrounding land is in billions of euros. What's going on with the port? He found an Arab billionaire and this will become like the Arab billionaire to share the port. He invented the golden passport to sell Rama and Alabbar's apartments in Durrës," said Berisha.

He said with irony that in the case of Rama, "appetite comes by eating", as he further added that the former Minister of Finance Arben Ahmetaj said about the "burners" that he did not move the government, but that he was the prime minister.

According to Berisha Rama, he signed because the incinerators were his "enterprise" and that the incinerators are not seized as 100,000 euros are spent on them every day, while Tirana's waste is dumped in Sharre.

" Appetite comes from eating, that's how Edi Rama is. Goes from one affair to another. Take the chilies. 420 million euros, all his personal work. Within 24 hours, 17 documents were prepared by the institutions for the Elbasan burner. Bureaucracy is never lightning fast. Arben Ahmetaj said I didn't move the government, he moved it. Of course, Rama moved it and signed it in flagrant violation of the law that does not allow signatures in hidden negotiations.

It is not signed by the prime minister in the Public Procurement Agency. The Prime Minister signed that the enterprise was his. You have seen, so-and-so is arrested, but the chilies are not confiscated because they are given 100,000 euros every day. The remains of Tirana are poured into Sharre, in the gold mine of Rama and Veliaj. There is no end to their thefts, secret tenders are not allowed, they are only allowed for SHISH or the General Prosecutor's Office on occasion. Today, AKSHI alone, the agency that depends on Rama, has signed 250 secret procurements ," said Berisha.

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