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Berisha appealed to the international community: Immediately expel Russia from the Security Council

Berisha appealed to the international community: Immediately expel Russia from

The chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, called on the international communities to immediately expel Russia from the Security Council.

At the weekly press conference, Berisha said that the Democratic Party will not recognize Vladimir Putin's decision to annex 4 Ukrainian regions. He called Putin a dictator as he demanded that he be punished for violating international law.

"Dictator Vladimir Putin has decided today to announce the annexation after the barbaric aggression of four provinces of an independent country, Ukraine.

This is an extremely serious act. It constitutes a violation, as stated by the Secretary General of the UN, of the UN Charter.

In accordance with the Treaty of Budapest, Russia, one of the signatories of this document, pledged to guarantee, together with other parties, the inviolability of Ukraine's borders, which in return would hand over all the nuclear warheads with which it it was the third country in the world for nuclear power.

DP declares that it will never recognize this decision of Russia, tomorrow in power, and calls on the international community to listen to the voice of President Zelensky, to expel Russia from the Security Council.

This dictator's violation of the UN Charter necessitates his immediate removal from the Security Council. As a first step, to then give a series of other measures. Of course, the annexed provinces, as President Biden also stated, will never be recognized. But this is not enough. He should be punished in an exemplary manner, worldwide, for this act in flagrant violation of international law," said Berisha.

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