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Boçi talks about the December 6 protest: We do not claim to enter the security perimeter

Boçi talks about the December 6 protest: We do not claim to enter the

The vice-president of the PD Luciano Boçi talked about the protest that will be held on December 6 on the "Dëşmorët e Kombit" Boulevard.

Invited to the studio of Euronews Albania, Boçi said that it is not necessary to have consultations on the date or format of the protest, since when the call is addressed to the citizens, it does not mean that the reactions are within the political framework.

Boçi said that the protesters do not claim to enter the security perimeter.

"There is no lack. There is a communicative sincerity in this case. When you are accused of political organization, then you start to make agreements with allies, call allies. When you consider that the protest is civil, you make the calls as a political force and it is considered an opposition force. I know that there are consultations about the date and format of the protest. In this case, I believe that the truth that I convey is enough. When the call is for the citizens, every reaction does not mean that it will be within the political costume.

At the moment you have a reason as a citizen for calling and being in protest, I believe that there is no obstacle to an agreement, the formalization, because we have declared it, is the season of protests. We have not claimed to enter the security perimeter, it's a bit of a tricky answer, it creates this kind of image as if we want to enter the security perimeter. We requested a protest on the boulevard. The security perimeter is also decided by the citizen reaction, it cannot be a fait accompli ," said Boçi.

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