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Documents/ Fraud with the number of martyrs

Documents/ Fraud with the number of martyrs

Former democratic deputy Myslim Murrizi has reacted regarding the number of martyrs.

Murrizi says that the media continues to deceive about the number of martyrs, while he also blames the Democratic Party for this.

He declares that the number of martyrs who gave their lives for the homeland is not 28 thousand, since in total there were only 20 thousand partisans.

The former deputy has published some documents from the State archive, as he claims that the communists are being counted as martyrs.

Full statement:

A clarification for every Enverist deceiver who talks like a historian, but in fact since 1945 they have been barking like hounds for imaginary heroes, and deceiving like garbage about the number of martyrs.

I invite every security spy and every blockchain puppy to come to the studio with concrete documents such as these documents taken from the State archive, the former archive of the communist party, and not to continue barking like stubborn dogs, deceiving even today 33 years after the bombing to this bastard system.

The main fault for not reviewing the real history and based on concrete facts lies with the DP, who in 13 years of government never took this ordinary fraud seriously, but were allegedly fighting for the date when Germany left Albania and ended on the 28th or 29th. November 1944.

Documents/ Fraud with the number of martyrs

This did not happen because in 33 years there were full of communists, ex-security spies and sycophants of former regime families who never dared to tell Albanians the real story.

It is confirmed by the Italian and German States that from April 7, 1939 to December 1, 1944, a total of 314 Italians and 123 Germans were killed and died from diseases.

The communist party itself in 1946 admits that 1141 were killed in the war, but according to the table, there are 1173 martyrs for whom there is no Albanian who does not express respect and gratitude.

In an attempt to deceive with the mystical number of 28,000 martyrs, see Brigade No. XXIV, which has a total of 1,000 partisans and is said to have 1,100 martyrs.

From the archives of the communist party, the figures show that in 1944 there were a total of about 20,000 partisans, then where are the 28,000 martyrs???

Documents/ Fraud with the number of martyrs

There is no shame for a puppet that feeds on ordinary deceptions and that even today children are told in schools that we have had 8000 more martyrs than we have had fighters, that is, partisans.

There is no shame that only these ex-communists are counted as witnesses and their numbering or recognition begins after May 5, 1942, when the communists themselves spied to kill Qemal Staff, when in fact the war officially started 3 years before, as early as April 7, 1939, and as much as it is known that Mujo Ulqinaku was the first to be killed in Durres, but because he was not a communist and the communist party was not created, he is not counted as a witness.

Documents/ Fraud with the number of martyrs

I am closing with another fact that the date of Skrapar's liberation is September 5, 1942, while Germany entered Albania in June 1943, so Skrapar was liberated before Germany entered.

Dishonored communists wherever you are and in every party where you are distributed!

Is there any possibility that you won't open our stomachs and tear us apart with ordinary tricks, you faceless moron!!!!!!!

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