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"Even if it turns upside down...", Beleri 'slams' the documents in Rama's face

"Even if it turns upside down...", Beleri 'slams' the

Prime Minister Edi Rama rejected the chances of the elected mayor of Himara, Fredi Beleri, to take the oath of office.

In the show "Debate" on A2CNN, Rama said that this matter will not be negotiated with the European Council, even if official Athens continues to put pressure on blocking Albania's integration into the EU.

" How is the oath made is the question? To date, you have a Supreme Court decision from a few years ago, which tasked the Special Court to deal with this issue. Because the request to take the oath was made to us. We have no opportunity to decide whether or not to take an oath. We have made it very clear" , said Rama, among other things.

Beleri reacted to this today, and through a post on Facebook he refuted the Prime Minister's statements.

The Prime Minister announced the decision of the Constitutional Court, where he openly declared that the prosecution of Vlora has the right to exercise the powers of SPAK, although the Constitutional Court has not yet examined the case, Beleri said.

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A request for KLGj

So that the lies of the Prime Minister do not pass for the truth and for the clarification of the public and

Who cares, I refute the statements of the Prime Minister today. The amount of

of lies per unit of time was impressive.

- In the Beleri case, the police intervened at the end of the action, quite the opposite of what it was

the documents say that the Police initiated the action, and there was even one initiative

days before he knew which prosecutors would take the case in Vlore. Attached

the police procedural report for the pursuit of Fredi Beleri dated 08.05.2023, 10 o'clock and the sheet of

registration of the criminal file/procedure with no. 618, in the Vlore prosecutor's office, dated

registration 09.05.2023, 2:48 p.m., and one minute later is set manually

the prosecutor that the police knew a day before that they would take this case. Comments yes

to professionals who have a law degree.

"Even if it turns upside down...", Beleri 'slams' the

- According to our Constitution, the separation of powers and the independence of each of them is guaranteed. today

The Prime Minister gave three decisions in the name and on behalf of the New Justice, which constitute open interference in the judicial system.

- The Prime Minister announced the decision to arrest in flagrante delicto, the file is in the appeal process

in the Constitutional Court. There was no flagrance in my arrest for a single moment

this is also shown by the footage that I was stopped as soon as I left a restaurant

pedestrian street of Himare without having any connection with any phenomenon of buying and selling votes,

even 2 km away from the presumptive and badly assembled scene by the police

who doesn't remember anything and after a while I had to inform the chief police officer Rama before me

arrested me.

"Even if it turns upside down...", Beleri 'slams' the

- The Prime Minister openly announced the court's decision on my request, he declared that he will no longer

permission is granted to swear, although the court has not yet rejected my request!

The Prime Minister, this time, said why they were delayed and that they called the case to court from the beginning

of the oath other times said that the court dismissed the request for the oath. The truth is

completely different. The request has been filed since the first days, as soon as the court of Vlora confirmed me

the legitimacy of the mandate of the elected mayor of Himare Municipality. The Prime Minister with

purposely trivializes the issues raised by Greece. I am not the mission of Greece, but they are

the rights of Himara voters that are not respected in violation of the Constitution, the right of

voters to express that their right to be governed by the one who is protected by the Constitution

are chosen directly. Yes, the Prime Minister cannot accept free people to express themselves

freely. It is the rights to due process of law that are the basis of the state that is not

they are respected and they are representing us in every aspect of this farce and spiteful process

petty politics. A country that aims to be equal with EU members, must guarantee

the regular legal process, especially when the right of the people to exercise is in question

sovereignty through elections.

- The Prime Minister announced the decision of the Constitutional Court, openly declared that the prosecution e

Vlora has the right to exercise the powers of SPAK, although the Constitutional Court still

did not consider the matter!!

The Prime Minister said that he is reforming justice! Courts are not needed, the decisions are given by the Prime Minister!

He evaluates the powers of the prosecutor's offices and courts, he evaluates the evidence, he gives the decision and

the sentence. Before every court session of my requests, the Prime Minister gives the decision in advance.

I am waiting for a reaction from the Supreme Judicial Council, this time you will feel the pressure on the judiciary

or do you feel the pressure only when some guy insults a judge for her appearance.

Fred Beller




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