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Gjekmarkaj meetings in the British Parliament: "Non-grata" of Berisha, decision without transparency

Gjekmarkaj meetings in the British Parliament: "Non-grata" of Berisha,

The vice-president of the Democratic Party, Agron Gjekmarkaj, held an official meeting in the British Parliament where he met with the deputy of the House of Commons, Martin Vicker.

In a post on Facebook, Gjekmarkaj shared a photo with Vicker as he wrote that he expressed his concern about the arrest of the opposition leader, Sali Berisha, in violation of the Constitution of Albania.

Also, Gjekmarkaj writes that he talked about the "non-grata" announcement, as a non-transparent decision without information.

"Today in London at the English Parliament, I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Martin Vicker, member of the House of Commons, a well-known personality of British politics, Chairman of the Friendship Group with Albania.

I expressed my high regard to the host for everything he does to raise to higher levels the spirit of friendship and cooperation between our Parliaments, valuing the centuries-old tradition of this great country full of history.

I also conveyed the Albanian Parliament's consideration of what England has done for Albania and Kosovo during these decades, as well as the Albanian emigration to England, which is rapidly integrating into all aspects of English life as a bridge of friendship and cooperation. This is a community that deserves respect and support, which with its work challenges the rhetoric and immediate needs of the politics of the day.

I responded to his interest in the political developments in Albania by explaining the concerns of the Opposition and the Albanian society about the arrest of the Leader of the Opposition without charge, without evidence and without investigation in violation of the Constitution of the country, giving this event a strong political connotation . Also explaining the role that Sali Berisha has had and has in the history of these 34 years in Albania and today as the confirmed Leader of the Opposition, I expressed the opinion that the decision to declare him "non grata" was not accompanied by information and transparency in relationship with the Albanian society which deserves truths if there are any about the symbolism that Berisha carries.

In this context, this decision has caused many interpretations and noise, and that Mr. Berisha has given him the right to contest through a legal process in England. In a democratic country when large parts of the society believe that the Leader of the Opposition is kept politically banned, this creates doubts about the justice system itself, the essence and nature of democracy!

I asked Mr. Vikerc for a greater presence of English parliamentarians during the election year in Tirana. Greater influence on the Albanian government to achieve a consensual electoral reform as a prerequisite for free and fair elections!

In this context, we see Secretary Cameron's visit as a significant act for strengthening cooperation between our countries" , writes Gjekmarkaj.

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