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Kelliçi: The US Embassy identified Veliaj's corruption

Kelliçi: The US Embassy identified Veliaj's corruption

The political leader for DP in Tirana, Belind Kelliçi, said that Edi Rama's son in the Municipality of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, has been caught stealing.

During the meeting with the democrats in Belsh, Këlliçi said that he does not know what else should happen in a normal country, when a mayor, like Erion Veliaj, is caught stealing, when his directors are caught stealing 100% of the tenders.

He said that today some directors are in prison, while others will soon go to prison.

"Erion Veliaj has stolen 130 million euros from an incinerator that does not exist. Did you see how Veliaj handled the theft of 30 million euros with '5D'? compared to those potato dishes, as if those potatoes fall on the ground, saying that these are small things, while 30 million euros were stolen. With those 30 million euros, the issue of housing for 2,000 families could have been solved," Kelliçi said.

He then added that he is very disappointed by the reactions of our international friends, who did not mention Erion Veliaj's corruption.

"Among all the reactions, I highlight and welcome the reaction of the US embassy in relation to the evidence of corruption in the name of Erion Veliajt, saying it quite openly today: that citizens have the right to demand concrete actions against corruption, and this corruption has a name, Erion Veliaj.

And this does not make us ashamed, but those who take it upon themselves not to say a word about thugs of this nature, for thieves of this nature. This shames those who take it upon themselves to protect theft in this country," Kelliçi said. 

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