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Kelliçi: The directors of Veliaj in 7 years received 45 tenders worth 30 million euros

Kelliçi: The directors of Veliaj in 7 years received 45 tenders worth 30

The member of the presidency of the DP, Belind Kelliçi, stated on MCN TV that the company of the arrested directors of the municipality have received 45 tenders with a value of 30 million euros in the last 7 years.

But Kelliçi said that the affair is even bigger and Veliaj had full knowledge.

"If we were dealing with only one tender, only one procedure in 8 years, a mayor can really say that he had no knowledge, it is an isolated case and I cannot be held responsible. But there is still a moral responsibility. But this started in 2016 when they started working with an electrician, "Igor Elektrik", they started receiving tenders with this company, they changed the name to "VAS Konstruksion", then they made it "5D". They stopped complaining and began to receive large tenders, they also connected with other companies and received 45 tenders worth 30 million euros. That's all I have denounced, but I believe that the affair is much bigger and the stolen money has increased much more.

Then it falls to Erion Veliaj in these 7 years from 2016 to 2023 when I made the denunciation of the directors of the municipality and the leaders of the electoral staff of the SP in Tirana.

There is no normal person who can listen to this alibi and believe it.

Veliaj is a mayor caught in the act. A few minutes ago I was told that a news has arrived that there will be a vetting process for the companies participating in the competitions.

This is the first time that protests are organized for the resignation of the mayor.

Taulant Tusha and Ermal Kapllani in a 2018 document engaged in the transportation of soils for the company Integrated Energy. These agreements were signed in the municipality of Tirana and Erion Veliaj was aware of it," said Kelliçi.

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