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Maliqi publishes the video evidence: The mayor and the head of KZAZ ordered to destroy the minutes

Maliqi publishes the video evidence: The mayor and the head of KZAZ ordered to

The candidate of the opposition coalition "We win together" for the Municipality of Kuçova, Lefter Maliqi, has published another video denunciation of what happened to the voting and counting process in the May 14 local elections held in this municipality.

In the video, you can see and hear one of the members of the vote counting groups in the KEZAZ of Kuçova, who claims that they were ordered to remove the original vote counting minutes from the election materials boxes.

In his testimony, the member who claims to have been a representative of the political entity Socialist Party says that the order for the disappearance of this record was given by the mayor of Kuçovo, Kreshnik Hajdari, and implemented by the chairman and secretary of the CEAZ.

"State and electoral crime in Kuçovo Municipality. Unlimited thanks to the media for this publication and denunciation, thanks to the honest socialists for this denunciation and for all the support they gave me with a massive vote.

Three reports have been filed in SPAK against Oligarch Pëllumb Hajdari, his hostage Kreshnik Salillari and the commissioners of KZAZ, of the voting and counting centers. CEC, KAS, Electoral College, SPAK, General Prosecutor's Office to act.

The international factor has been made aware of this state and electoral crime. We notified OSCE-ODHIR, foreign embassies, etc.

We will not stop until the truth is revealed in political, legal and international ways. Legal punishment and insistence on uncovering the truth. We will return the robbed municipality to the citizens ", said Maliqi.


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