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Muçollari: The Tax Building will be given to a private person to build a 40-story tower

Muçollari: The Tax Building will be given to a private person to build a

The member of the leadership of the Democratic Party, Grigels Muçollari, has denounced another illegal action by Edi Rama.

Through a statement to the media, Muçollari said that Edi Rama is giving the plot of the Tax building to a private person to build a one-story tower.


We are here at the offices of the General Directorate of Taxes, near the Dinamo Stadium.

This building behind me is in the plans of Edi Rama to be demolished, and this property is given to a private person to build a tower of 40 floors or more.

This decision of Edi Rama, without any consultation, does not serve the city's citizens at all. On the contrary, it adds concrete and narrows the common spaces even more.

Apart from being a missing orchard, it does nothing to solve the housing problem, which is a major concern today. This is because the prices of these towers are so high that they are untouchable for ordinary citizens of this country. Therefore, Rama's goal is not this, but entering the economy, cleaning another large amount of dirty money.

On the other hand, it is unacceptable that Edi Rama acts as the owner of these buildings. No one has made Edi Rama the owner. These are public and state properties, and they were built with the contribution of all Albanians who have paid taxes in this country. Properties that were built by the work and effort of Albanians.

This is another case, when Edi Rama increases even more clientelism and favoritism, thus increasing corruption in the country, which meanwhile is at alarming levels. We know very well that here, which is one of the most expensive places in Tirana, at Paris Municipality, at ATSH and other precious areas, where the state buildings will be demolished, they will surely turn into private property. his friends, the oligarchs with whom he has shared the wealth of the country for 11 years.

Citizens should not accept a new affair from this government. A reaction is needed. Opposition is needed. Tomorrow we gather again in front of the City Hall and raise our voices against corruption and injustice.

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