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DP: The port of Durres is being used as a washing machine for dirty money, justice to act

DP: The port of Durres is being used as a washing machine for dirty money,

The MP elected on April 25, Ferdinand Xhaferraj, on behalf of the DP has asked the Government to make transparency regarding the project for the Port of Durres, because according to him, so far we have seen only the model.

In a statement to the media from the Port of Durres, Xhaferraj said that we still do not know on what basis the study will move the port of Durres, where, when and how it will be relocated and what capacities it will have.

The Democrat MP also asked who will pay the loans, or what will be done with the concession contracts that are for 35, or we will pay again in arbitration, he added.

Xhaferraj asked the justice to act, because according to him, the Port of Durres is being used as a washing machine for money laundering. According to him, during the construction line there will be only villas in front of which yachts will be parked.

Full statement:

Two days ago, Prime Minister Rama threw for consumption the model of the new Port of Durrës. Again and as always we saw a 3D presentation.

But given the importance of the Port of Durres for the city and the whole of Albania, we have asked and continue to ask the government for clarification on several issues:  

First: Citizens still do not know on what study the Existing Port will be relocated. Where will it be relocated, when will it be relocated, how will it be relocated and what capacities will it have?

Second: There are several European and International institutions that have financed the construction of port infrastructure with loans. The European Investment Bank (EIB) has financed 17 million Euros for the construction of the container quay. 

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has financed 32 million Euros for the ferry terminal. The World Bank has funded $ 13 million for the grain processing quay. Who will repay these loans?

Perhaps the smallest problem is the financial value. The major problem has to do with the fact that Rama is increasingly taking us off the road to the EU and is assembling our ties with the east.

Third: What will be done with the concession contracts for the bulk cargo terminal and the passenger terminal? There we have German companies that have been on concession for 35 years.

Përsëri do paguajmë në arbitrazh papërgjegjshmëritë e kryeministrit?

Partia Demokratike nuk është kundër projekteve që zhvillojnë qytetin. Por, deri më tani kemi parë vetëm makete dhe nuk kemi as studime, as transparencë dhe as kuadër ligjor.

Pra, kemi parë maketin e Ramës dje, darkën me arabët tek restoranti i famshëm i Nusretit të ministrit Ahmetaj dhe gllabëritjen që po i bëhet pa kuadër ligjor kësaj godine, që njihet si godina me xhama, (që sikurse shihet edhe kanë rrethuar).

We urge the government to be transparent. We ask the new justice to start acting, starting from the most recent action, on what legal framework this property has been transferred, what is known as the glass building. It is clear that the port of Durrës is being used as a washing machine for Rilidnja's dirty money. When things are done without projects, when things are done without transparency, when things are done without law, indisputably goes to the washing machine.

I am telling you here, in front of this port, that we will not have a new port here. We will have villas from the Dajlan bridge to here, and yachts will be parked in front. It's just a business relationship. There will be no port. There will be villas for business and yachts will be parked at sea. That's the whole story.

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