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The meeting with Berisha ends, Meta's message from the "home" of the Democrats

The meeting with Berisha ends, Meta's message from the "home" of

The meeting between the chairman of PL, Ilir Meta and the chief democrat Sali Berisha has ended. Discussions focused on the December 6 protest lasted about 60 minutes in the blue headquarters.

On his way out, Meta gave a short statement to the media, where he also gave a message to the voices that are against the protest on the day when Tirana will host the summit between the Western Balkans and the EU.

"On the 6th in front of the person responsible for capturing the state and undermining the European integration process for years. The security of Europe is threatened only by the mafia that uses the state to turn Albania into a logistical base for the international mafia. There is no security problem from the citizens of Tirana", said Meta.

Meta went to the "home" of the Democrats for the second time in a week. He was accompanied in this meeting by Petrit Vasili.

Meta and Berisha have expressed themselves on the same line for the December 6 protest, but also for the opposition's action against the government as a whole.

According to the two leaders, the links between politics and crime must be severed and corruption and theft must end.


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