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"Electoral weight belongs to Berisha", Duka: This is the way the opposition can win

"Electoral weight belongs to Berisha", Duka: This is the way the

The chairman of PAA, Agron Duka, spoke about the path that can bring victory to the opposition in the May 14 local elections. He told "Panorama TV" that all the opposition should unite around the candidate for mayor and not unite with Berisha or Alibeaj.

According to him, the opposition must win at least 20 municipalities, in order to see the possibility of victory in the parliamentary elections. Agron Duka also openly expressed his support for the democratic candidate, Igli Cara for mayor of Durrës. He emphasized that, "The electoral weight belongs to Berisha".

"What we should aim for is to get a significant number of municipalities, 20 or more. If this is achieved, we can prepare for the parliamentary elections. If this is not achieved, it will be very difficult for the parliamentary elections. I think that we should unite around a candidate and everyone should contribute by supporting him. The case of Igli Cara in Durrës has a wide support, not only those of Foltores. As an allied party, we will support Igli Cara.

The majority has the administration in all of Albania, economically they are much more powerful. If we do not give maximum contribution. If we unite around Berisha, it won't happen, if we unite around Alibeaj, it won't happen. We must unite around the candidate. We will support Igli Cara because he enjoys support in the community, he has nothing to do with non gratas", said Agron Duka.


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