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Parent 1 and Parent 2/ Xhaferri: A response to Lal's army that was outraged by my speech on February 20

Parent 1 and Parent 2/ Xhaferri: A response to Lal's army that was outraged

The chairman of the FRPD, Besart Xhaferri, has responded to the reactions that have come after his speech at the February 20 protest, where he emphasized that the mother and father are sacred and that the child must be protected from the concepts of "parent 1 and parent 2". .

Xhaferri's reaction comes after a comment by the LGBTI activist, Xheni Karaj, who insulted Xhaferri, calling him "a coward" and a "failure" as she claims that he is not respecting human dignity and rights.Parent 1 and Parent 2/ Xhaferri: A response to Lal's army that was outraged


As he posted a part of his speech on Facebook, Xhaferri reiterates that in his speech he mentioned mother and father as sacred for society and the value of the family as the greatest wealth.

But as it seems, writes Xhaferri, his words have irritated some associations that have turned victimization into a means to absorb funds.

Among other things, Xhaferri also mentions the form that circulated in kindergartens where Parent 1 and Parent 2 were marked.


In my speech at the protest on February 20, I scanned the crimes of the Renaissance, starting with cannabis, the incinerator affair that split the organized crime group into several clans, to the instigation of the drastic exodus of 1 million Albanians, and the genocide with public taxes that turned hospitals into morgues and closed schools and universities.

I spoke about the countless victims of society's criminality, about the exodus in rafts to England and the dead on the streets of Europe, that the state abandoned the dead bodies, not helping the families to return to their homeland to perform the death rites.

For a year now, I have been talking about the same topics in the online and traditional media, the main topic of which is denunciation.

In my speech, I also focused on those who support the policy of Parent 1 and Parent 2, who a few years ago, in a form distributed by the Municipality of Lali Eri in public kindergartens in Tirana, requested that Parent 1 and Parent be noted in official documents 2.

Last night I was informed that my words had irritated some representatives of associations that have turned victimization into a tool to absorb funds, either from the state and civil society that depend on the Veliaj spur, but also from international organizations.

What I said at the gathering was clear, that in Albanian society the mother and father are sacred and have the value of God and the family is our greatest asset, so just like in the tradition of our ancestors for centuries, without exception the left and right, we cannot leave the future of our children in the hands of those who are shy and ashamed of the word mother and father.

As a young man raised and educated in the West, I respect everyone's personal choices in life and I have never prejudiced anyone, but I have chosen to embrace conservative values ​​out of respect for my family, my province and my nation, Albania.

Those who are attacking my speech clearly did not deserve to read and listen to it in full, but only read what they think victimizes them.

Any attempt to create a barren debate is not worth it, as I am convinced that the problems faced by Albania today, in my view, have nothing to do with the problems of some non-profit organizations and NGOs that talk to us about the problems of Albanians from the halls of Luxury Hotels of Tirana and the coast.

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