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December 6 protest, Boçi: The government is creating an artifice to hit the opposition

December 6 protest, Boçi: The government is creating an artifice to hit

The vice-president of the DP and deputy Luciano Boçi spoke about the announced protest of the opposition on December 6, the day on which the EU-Western Balkans Summit will be held in Tirana.

Invited to the show 'Open', Boçi said that the PD has decided first on the place where the protest will take place, while the decision on the place of holding the Summit was made later, adding that the government is "creating an artifice to strike as part of the propaganda, the action of the opposition".

According to him, it is the constitutional right of the opposition to hold this protest, saying that it does not harm the security perimeter at all.

" The issue of giving opinions from the municipality, I do not believe that it has the authority to intervene in cases of opposition protest. The question of the reaction of the police or our persistence did not have a decision on the place of the summit and was a subsequent decision. The distance of the Palace of Congresses is optimal in relation to the prime minister's office. Perhaps the police are exaggerating, it is known that the summits require strict measures, but from the configuration of the squares, they are sufficient to avoid creating a deadlock for the meeting place, especially since the opposition gatherings are peaceful.

They should take place where the citizen wants to express his protest. The place of development, in all cases, the part of the protest takes place near the perimeter of the development of the summit, so that the citizens' messages influence the summit.

The protest must be seen from two sides, it has the character of anger against the government, as well as the celebratory character of the arrival of the European leaders. We want this summit to be sensitive to internal developments.

It is a constitutional right.

Albania has the capacity to protest. Citizens are not responsible for security, but institutions t. They anticipate any kind of reaction. The Palace of Brigades, and not the Palace of Congresses, is classic for summits.

The one who has the responsibility knows how to make changes and organizations. It is not the only place defined 'here, fall and die'. Our protest could also be a coincidence. Who has the responsibility, has and is resolved. The government is creating an artifice to attack the action of the opposition as part of propaganda. We are in the season of protests. We could do it in 6 or 7", he said.


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