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"The government that takes much but gives little."

"The government that takes much but gives little."

The Advisor for Economic Affairs in DP, Dorjan Teliti, breaks down with numbers the fiscal progress of the first 4 months of the year, raising the concern of high taxes and prices, the increase in operating expenses and the abandonment of marginalized groups and public investments.

Below is the status of Telit:

The government that takes a lot but gives little.

Look at the stubborn figures of the 4th month of 2024????.

????Fact 1: according to the 4-month data, the government significantly overplayed its hand, collecting 240 million euros more in revenue than the 4-month 2023, where increased taxes and high prices were the main contributors to this result.

????Fact 2: during the 4-month period of 2024, the former owners received 1.8 million euros less compensation, and so did the former political persecuted with 1.7 million euros less.

????Fact 3: during this 4-month period, no hand was spared in the payment of operating expenses, a full 5.4 million euros more than the same period last year, while public investment projects do not have "this luck" , which have been financed almost 8 million euros with less than the 4-month "election" of 2023.

❌ There is no doubt, high taxes and operating expenses remain the government's priority, while the economy, the poor and public investments are left in second-hand oblivion.

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