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Resolution/ Bylykbashi: The situation will worsen even more

Resolution/ Bylykbashi: The situation will worsen even more

The vice-president of the Democratic Party, Oerd Bylykbashi, invited to Syri Tv, said that the investigative commission will still reveal other characters implicated in the scandals, as it is stated that Prime Minister Rama will be among them.

He said that what is currently happening is inevitable after the scandals.

 "We will still see other characters. This situation will get worse. Not even Rama escapes this story, but the time of public appearance is short, about two weeks, maybe a little more. What circulated earlier was a nonpaper document, distributed in international circles where it contained practically the same things.

Rama's speech, the text of the resolution and the instrument of the commission are all there.

What is happening now, we are seeing an explosion, first the scandals broke out and now it is inevitable. These scandals produced criminal prosecutions. Of course, it would not only be a big scandal if SPAK continued to say 'it is not our competence, there are no elements, we do not find fault'."

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