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"Renaissance is afraid of freedom", Meta: Elbasan exports young people and imports crime and insecurity

"Renaissance is afraid of freedom", Meta: Elbasan exports young people

The head of the Freedom Party, Ilir Meta, this Monday held a meeting with the youth of Elbasan in the context of the May 14 elections, where he called for Luciano Boçi to be voted for as the mayor of this city.

During his speech, Meta said that Elbasan is the second poorest city in Albania and that it "imports" only crime and insecurity while young people leave.

Meta also says that the people have nothing more to expect from "Rilindja" and that the latter is afraid of the reaction of the young.

"Today, Elbasan is the second poorest district in Albania. It exports youth and imports crime and insecurity. We are all committed and sworn to necessary change. The change will hit all over Albania on May 14. We have nothing to expect from the Renaissance. You and your parents. Once upon a time it was spring and then, I told them that spring comes every year, but Youth only once. For the Renaissance, youth is the enemy of its interests. The Renaissance fears your freedom and your dreams. Therefore, he seeks at all costs, with all forms and ways to make it difficult for them.

Lose interest in creating your own families. To show them the way of leaving the family or submission. This is the situation today in Elbasan. I am sure that with Professor Luciano, Elbasan will safely enter the path of change. It will return to the regional center in terms of encouraging young people to enter the path of innovation and technology. They are all capacities. We have the university to support ", said Meta during his speech.

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