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"The 'Besnik Sykja' school has not yet been reconstructed", DP: Tirana Municipality is leaving the high school students in oblivion, teaching in 2-3 shifts

"The 'Besnik Sykja' school has not yet been reconstructed",

The Democratic Party raised the situation at the "Besnik Sykja" school in Tirana as a concern a few days after the start of the new academic year.

DP MP, Ina Zhupa, in a statement to the media, says that four months after the deadline for the completion of the works, the school still remains unreconstructed, causing students to study in 2-3 shifts.

Full statement:

The new school year did not start normally for the students and teachers of the "Besnik Sykja" school in Tirana.

This is one of the many schools, which the Democratic Party has denounced with facts and evidence these days about how the teaching is not taking place normally and how the standards, deadlines, contractual obligations of the Ministry of Education, Tirana Municipality have not been met, but the entire Albanian state regarding the schooling and education of children, students, high school students of the capital.

Behind me is the sign of the works for the reconstruction of the "Besnik Sykja" school.

From the sign itself, from what the Municipality of Tirana itself says, but also the contractor, this works contract should have ended on 04.05.2022. Here we are in September of 2022 and it's far from over.

On the contrary, the yard of this school is full of inerts and the date on which the high school students will be able to return to complete their schooling in the building of Besnik Syrak seems distant.

This is a forgetfulness, this is an indifference, this is an irresponsibility of the state institutions for the tasks they have to provide the teaching service to high school students and teachers of the "Besnik Sykja" school.

Today they hold school in shifts, going to another school in the "Petro Nini Luarasi" gymnasium.

In this way, we have caused, the Ministry of Education, the Municipality of Tirana has caused a cause in the education system, causing many schools in Tirana only from their indifference and irresponsibility to teach in 2 or 3 shifts.

This is the education system we have today, the words of propaganda that speak of digitization, of internationalization, of schools with the latest technology are extremely far from the reality of these collapsed schools and the shift learning that takes place in the schools of the capital.

Education is in danger, Albanians are in danger and choose to leave the country more and more every day.

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