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'SIAC' is 'Court' or 'Commission'?

'SIAC' is 'Court' or 'Commission'?

From Gent Strazimiri

It's called the "Special Immigration Appeals Commission" (SIAC).

It says in the first word of the name that it is "Commission" and not court!

"It was created through the Special Board of Immigration Appeals Act of 1997.

SIAC's function is to hear appeals from individuals who have been subject to immigration decisions - such as deprived of their status or excluded from the UK - on grounds relating to the 'public interest'.

Such decisions are often justified on the basis of national security

SIAC has often been referred to as a 'secret' court due to the fact that individuals pursuing complaints before SIAC are not made aware of all the evidence against them. This is because the Secretary of State for the Department of the Interior (SSHD) has 'certified' that the decision in question is based on evidence that should not be made public for reasons of national security, international diplomacy or for other reasons related to public interest.

Such evidence is given to the court in 'closed' proceedings, which are not open to complainants or the public, often by witnesses from the secret services or the National Crime Agency ('NCA)."

Why does all the government media "confuse" it by calling it a "court"?

Did they have a hard time finding these formations I wrote above?

No at all!

I found them within seconds of Googling...

Then why this misinformation?

Because they need a "legal", "judicial" victory over Berisha, a victory they cannot achieve even through SPAK and GJKKO in Albania.

It is interesting to note that BIRN has also fallen into this mire of disinformation, which in its reporting refers at least three times with the term "court" and "decision of the local court", to what is in fact simply an "Appeals Commission" of administration, i.e. an administrative appeal instance to avoid court proceedings.

The news today is that the court process could not be avoided, because the Appeals Commission of the administration sided with the administration...

It's that simple!

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