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Soros in the Albanian delegation, Berisha appeals to the US Congress: Ban his activity by law!

Soros in the Albanian delegation, Berisha appeals to the US Congress: Ban his

Alex Soros, the son of philanthropist George Soros, also participated in the "Ukraine-Southeastern Europe" summit that was held today in Tirana.

Focusing on this fact, the chief democrat Sali Berisha called on the US Congress to stop his activity by law!

Berisha : Dear friends, this summit had another feature.

A member of the Albanian delegation was, as you saw, Alexis Soros.

Alexis Soros stood with the Albanian delegation, forgetting that he protects Edi Rama, a Serbian Pashiq in Tirana.

The presence of Alexis Soros as a member of the Albanian delegation is the most flagrant evidence of his commitment to protect Edi Rama regardless of any blackness that this great evil does to Albanians.

Alexis Soros defends Edi Rama, the man who in eight years drove out of Albania, killing the hope, a third of the Albanian population, more than any foreign holiday of all time, more than any world, regional, and anything from a certain country.

And he defends this because he has opposite interests with the Albanians.

Alexis Soros is the architect along with Sergei Lavrov, the main supporter of the Open Balkans, against the Balkans of the Berlin Initiative.

Main supporter of the division of Kosovo between Serbia and Albania.

On this occasion, I call on the US Congress, I call on the friends of Albania in the US Congress, to prohibit by law his activity in Europe, in the Balkans, in Albania.

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