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The 'Xibraka' issue/ Spiropali addresses Olsi Rama as a 'trafficker', Bardhi: Your conscience spoke

The 'Xibraka' issue/ Spiropali addresses Olsi Rama as a

Although the majority continues to hold hostage the opposition's request for a debate motion with Prime Minister Rama, on the issue of the drug laboratory in Xibraka, the Minister of State for Relations with the Parliament, Elisa Spiropali, spoke before the Assembly calling Olsi Rama a "trafficker".

While accusing the opposition of not having the same attitude towards SPAK, Spiropali addressed the deputies of the Assembly, labeling Olsi Rama a "trafficker".

"The request for which the answer has been taken to SPAK, where either the trafficker who has been slandered by you endlessly and indiscriminately everywhere must go to prison, or you must answer as a false accuser. There are two possibilities" , said Spiropali.

This fact was pointed out by the head of the PD parliamentary group, Gazment Bardhi, who said that even though Spiropali cannot mention Olsi Rama's name, he spoke with conscience and called him a trafficker.

"Second lady minister, I understand that you don't even have the courage to mention Olsi Rama's name. But you made a more serious mistake, because your conscience spoke to you and you called him a trafficker, as the prosecution should have announced if he had not closed the investigations", said Bardhi.

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