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"The opposition is united", Spaho: The people showed that Berisha inspires

"The opposition is united", Spaho: The people showed that Berisha

PD MP, Edmond Spaho, in his speech at the protest held against the political arrest of the leader of the opposition, Sali Berisha, said that the February 20 rally proved that the opposition is stronger than ever.

Spaho: The massive emptying of the country is a criminal policy that is leaving the country without Albanians, today we have almost 1.5 million inhabitants. Tirana TV analysts say there is no opposition, I want to tell you that there is an opposition and the square has shown that when there are so few Albanians left in the country.

There is a united and unified DP and there is a leader of the DP who is Sali Berisha. The protest has shown that the opposition inspires and Berisha brought them to the streets, the majority and Rama know that Berisha inspires and they fear him as he brings people to the streets to fight for a better life for them.

Today, the beautiful reformist justice of the land gathered together SPAK and the Anti-corruption Court and brought Dako out of prison so that he can enjoy all that he has stolen from the funds. GJKKO since they want to drag out Berisha's process as they want to keep him isolated so that he does not go to the assembly and stop him from participating in the next elections as they are afraid to face him.

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