Berisha's denunciation: Sentenced to 3 years in prison, competes for the key position in the Municipality of Durrës

Berisha's denunciation: Sentenced to 3 years in prison, competes for the

Former Prime Minister Sali Berisha has published on social networks the message of a citizen who came to his address, who denounces employment practices in the Municipality of Durrës.

According to the citizen, Ornela Shemlikaj, former secretary of the commune of Ishëm, sentenced to three years in prison for forging documents, competes alone for the key position in the archives of the municipality of Durrës. 

"The law of narco-state, in order to be employed, you must have been imprisoned", writes Berisha, publishing the message of the citizen.

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Narcotics law, to be employed you must have been in prison.

This happens in the narco-municipality of Durres!

Read the message of the digital citizen. sb

Mirembrema doktorr. I see a little how the municipality of Durres competes, with people sentenced by the court of Durres to 3 years in prison. The lady in question is called Ornela Shemlikaj. Accused of forging documents after being the secretary of the former commune of Ishem. Now she is running alone in the position of kuç, the treasurer of the municipality of Durres. This is a total degeneration that this municipality has completed, as it is not the will of the people that it does not represent but puts in important places in the municipality people convicted of forgery. This is not surprising because such things have happened for 20 years that this municipality is commanded by the Mothers of Shame!

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