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American journalist: Rama linked to the 'Sinaloa' cartel

American journalist: Rama linked to the 'Sinaloa' cartel

The American journalist, Dan Bongino, has paid attention in his program 'The Dan Bongino Show' to the scandal with the former senior FBI official, Charles McGonigal, who is accused of receiving Russian money, while there are rumors of secret meetings with the prime minister. Edi Rama.

Among other things, he says that Rama is involved in a drug trafficking conspiracy with the Sinaloa drug cartel. He raises the question that the non-reaction of the Biden administration to the Albanian prime minister is related to the fact that the people in the American government were paid by the Albanians?

" People from all over the government were very confused as to why Biden wasn't doing anything about this prime minister of Albania who is allegedly cooperating with the FBI official, who I'm telling you is connected to Hunter (Biden), they are connected. Here the Albanian prime minister appears to be involved in a drug-trafficking conspiracy involving the Sinaloa cartel. One of the cartels that is trafficking narcotics through the southern border. They are responsible for the largest amounts of narcotics trafficked in the US.

But for whatever reason, the Biden administration doesn't seem bothered by it. Is this because people in our government are being paid by Albanians? To get people to turn the other page? A fair question right? Someone at a press conference, who does real work in the media, should ask Karine Jean-Pierre (White House press secretary) why Biden has not done anything about drug trafficking in Albania and the allegations of ties to the Sinaloa cartel on our southern border? Is this related to the infiltrators in our government who are lobbying for the same Albanian prime minister for whom you are doing nothing? " says Bongino.


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