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Incinerators, journalist Kikia: I would gladly do two years in prison for 30 million euros

Incinerators, journalist Kikia: I would gladly do two years in prison for 30

Journalist Mentor Kikia has stated that the incinerators are connected to the evasion affair as a whole.

Invited to the show 'Open' on Neas 24, Kikia says that everyone would be ready to go to prison for 2 years for 30 million euros, referring to the scandal reported earlier by LSI where on behalf of the elderly, Thanas Çani and 90-year-old Haxhire Gurakuqi, who appeared with a business worth 30 million dollars in Lezhë.

" We are dealing with two events, the affair of evasion as a whole and this is not the first time, earlier entire networks of fictitious companies where they benefited from VAT refunds have gone to justice. What is new in this story is the inclusion of incinerators and their implication takes on another weight as an event, even though it is a serious event even without this.

Here you understand that there is still to happen, we have to wait for the justice bodies. We must put before a terribly serious issue that in the best case could have happened as a result of the incompetence of the Albanian institutions and in the worst case from cooperation. The affair is more than serious and it cannot be justified to wear a political mantle.

Those involved in the first affair were convicted of evasion. We would all be ready to go to jail for 2 years for that amount of money. Who wouldn't want 30 million dollars for 2 years in prison? ", he said.

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