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Restaurant price index / Where are the most expensive in Europe, how are Tirana and Prishtina ranked?

Restaurant price index / Where are the most expensive in Europe, how are Tirana

The month of August marks the peak of the tourist season in Europe. After two pandemic years, where movements were limited, the flow this summer has increased everywhere.

Many Albanians have also chosen to travel abroad this summer, reflected in the significant increase in flights from Rinas airport.

But do you know which are the European cities where it costs you more to eat a meal in a restaurant and which are the cheapest? Numebeo, the largest data system in the world, has listed many countries in the world in the Restaurant Price Index, and the cost of a lunch in an average restaurant for two people (three dishes), where we have selected only European countries.

If you are going to Switzerland, you should take measures and fill your wallet. This country also has the cities with the most expensive restaurants in Europe. A lunch for two people in Zug or Zurich costs 123 euros on average for two people. Likewise, in Geneva, Lausanne, or Basel, you will still need a little more than 100 euros.

After Switzerland, the most expensive restaurants are in the cities of the Nordic countries. In Odense, Denmark, or Oslo, Norway, you will still need about 100 euros. In Espoo, Finland, lunch costs about 100 euros. Valletta in Malta is also expensive, where you will have to spend 100 euros.

In Italy, the most expensive is Milan, where you need 80 euros. Even in Zadar, Croatia it costs more or less the same.

In France, the most expensive is in Nice, 73 euros, while in Paris 60 euros. In Germany, the most expensive lunch is around 60 euros. In Barecoluna, 55 euros is enough.

In Greece, the most expensive is Athens, with 50 euros, while in Thessaloniki 40 euros.
The cheapest of the popular tourist destinations is Portugal. In Porto, 35 euros for two people are sufficient for a lunch, in Lisbon up to 45 euros, while in other areas such as Aivero 25 euros.

Turkey has the cheapest restaurants, from 14 euros in Ankara to 22 euros in Istanbul.

Lunch in Tirana is the most expensive in the region, in Pristina the cheapest

The Balkan countries remain the cheapest to have lunch in Europe.

Tirana and Belgrade hold the record of the Balkan capitals for the most expensive lunches at 34 euros each. 25 euros are enough in Podgorica, 24 euros in Skopje, and the same in Sarajevo.
The cheapest in the Balkans is Prishtina, where a lunch costs 17 euros on average.

The most expensive restaurants in the world

The most expensive lunch in the world costs almost 150 euros in Hamilton, Bermuda. Then there are the cities of Switzerland and those of the Nordic countries, but many cities in the United States of America are not far behind.

In Santa Barbara in California it looks more than 100 euros, in New York 87 euros. Australia, Canada, Israel follow in the list of countries in whose cities you have to spend more to consume a meal.

The cheapest restaurants in the world are found in India and Pakistan, where two people can eat a full meal for 7-10 euros./Monitor

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