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The ex-girlfriend talks about the Rama-Mcgonigal friendship: They talked to Viasat and had dinner in an expensive restaurant

The ex-girlfriend talks about the Rama-Mcgonigal friendship: They talked to

Allison Guerriero, the ex-girlfriend who denounced former FBI official Charles McGonigal has given details about the relationship between the head of government and the FBI official.

Speaking to Euronews Albania, she said that their friendship seemed unusual to her, while adding that they both met together in New York, where McGonigal sent her photos with Rama.

She also said that McGonigal sent her photos when she was in Albania in 2017, photos which according to her are available to the FBI. 

Excerpt from the interview:

Question: Why are you sure that there were dangerous reports in Albania?

Allison Guerriero: Charlie told me that he was friends with Prime Minister Rama and it seemed unusual for an FBI agent of this high level to have such a friendship. They often spoke on the phone with Viasat and he showed me photos of them together. It seemed to me an unusual friendship. When Rama was in New York, Charlie told me that they had dinner together at an expensive restaurant, and to me that was something an FBI agent shouldn't do.

Q: Did McGonigal and Rama meet often?

Allison Guerriero: They met in Albania, and Charlie texted me in September 2017 when he was there. He told me that he would travel to Albania and Kosovo.

Question: He was telling you about trips that he had not reported to his superiors, does that mean he trusted you or not?

Allison Guerriero: Actually, he just showed me some landscape photos of Albania. He was simply telling me that he was busy with work and sent me photos with Prime Minister Rama that the FBI already has.



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