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"It is the government's closed eyes that are clearly visible", Lela about the satellites: We are on the verge of ridicule

"It is the government's closed eyes that are clearly visible",

Journalist Alfred Lela called satellites in space unnecessary to observe floors without permission.

Invited to Top Story, the state does not need the two satellites because he is aware of illegal constructions.

"I think that Rama is in the fall of the patriarch, he is towards the end, the power has worn him down, he has tired him and now he has surrendered to all the magnificence of his own stupidity, he demands sacrifices, belt collection, the media, the opposition and the people will understand , while there are 4 million for the dependent gardens of the Prime Minister and 6 million for the satellites, which I would understand if they were for security elements.

But when you say we will photograph the additions of the floors without permission, I remember how they did not save the two windows without permission in Bojken Lako. Those who saw two ristellas, two pieces of glass of a good ship that did not belong to anyone and want satellites to see the monstrous floors that we see every day.

 We are on the verge of mockery, I spend your money, I make a mockery of you. This country does not need two supersonic structures, because they know, these are the closed eyes of the government that are clearly visible. " Journalists do not go out with binoculars to see the constructions without permission ," said Lela.

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