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Early release and file delays, ILD launches investigation against 18 judges and prosecutors

Early release and file delays, ILD launches investigation against 18 judges and

The High Inspectorate of Law informs that an investigation and disciplinary proceedings have been initiated against 18 magistrates (judges and prosecutors), in the District Courts and Prosecutions of Elbasan, Vlora, Dibër, Tropojë, etc.

The investigation was launched after reviewing the practices partially reviewed by previous bodies, as well as complaints received from citizens to the ILD. These are issues related to the institute of parole, delays in investigation procedures and court proceedings, as well as serious ethical violations.

Also, in parallel, the High Inspector of Justice has initiated thematic and institutional inspections at the courts, prosecutor's offices and their administrations, with the object of respecting the criminal procedural legislation, on the conditions and criteria for imposing security measures. This inspection is being carried out at the prosecutor's offices of the judicial districts of Shkodra, Fier and Vlora.


In response to the interest of some journalists for specific issues in the treatment, we underline the position that the High Inspector of Justice during the development of disciplinary investigation procedures, pays special attention to the right to public information, but at the same time must guarantee protection of the integrity and the figure of the magistrate, the legal interests of third parties, as well as to take care that in the framework of the administration of data or documents, the function and purpose of the activity of the ILD office is not violated.

However, in respect of the interest of journalists and the right to public information, the ILD office announces that from February 1, 2020, when the activity of the institution begins, there are over 3900 complaints that are being administered and handled. It is about the complaints submitted to ILD in these 17 months, by citizens or institutions, but also a large number of documentary practices inherited from previous institutions, which have been responsible for the disciplinary proceedings of magistrates, as well as those who have acted during the transitional period 2017-2020, until the establishment of the institution of High Inspector of Justice.

This considerable archival fund consists of unaddressed complaints, complaints handled in part or in the initial stages of their review, as well as cases partially or incompletely investigated by previous bodies, such as the Inspectorate of the High Council of Justice, Ministry of Justice, the High Council of Justice, the Attorney General, the High Judicial Council, or the High Council of the Prosecution. The procedures followed by the previous bodies for the treatment of these documentary practices, due to the limited and divided competencies between different bodies during the transitional period, turn out to have been incompletely and partially developed.

Me qëllim krijimin e një edukate, që shmang kulturën e pandëshkueshmërisë dhe harresës, Inspektori i Lartë i Drejtësisë po i shqyrton praktikat e trajtuara pjesërisht nga ana e organeve të mëparshme, përmes një metodologjie të posacme, të miratuar e publikuar në faqen zyrtare. Ankesat apo praktikat dokumentare, trajtohen sipas një radhe përparësie të bazuar në kritere si: data e dorëzimit, faza e trajtimit nga ana e organeve të mëparshme, tipologjia ose urgjenca e trajtimit të ankesës, respektimi i parimit të barazisë dhe objektivitetit, si dhe koha e nevojshme për shqyrtimin dhe vlerësimin e secilës praktikë dokumentare.

Pikërisht nga shqyrtimi i praktikave të shqyrtuara pjesërisht nga ana e organeve të mëparshme, si dhe ankesave të ardhura nga qytetarët pranë ILD-së, janë nisur procese hetimi dhe procedimi disiplinor ndaj 18 magjistratëve (gjyqtarë e prokurorë), në Gjykatat e Prokuroritë e Rretheve Elbasan, Vlorë, Dibër, Tropojë etj., mbi problematika që lidhen me institutin e lirimeve para kohe me kusht, zvarritje të procedurave të hetimit e proceseve gjyqësore, si dhe shkelje të rënda etike.

Paralelisht Inspektori i Lartë i Drejtësisë ka nisur inspektimet tematike e institucionale pranë gjykatave, zyrave të prokurorive dhe administratave të tyre, me objekt respektimin e legjislacionit procedural penal, mbi kushtet dhe kriteret për caktimin e masave të sigurimit. Ky inspektim po kryhet pranë prokurorive të rretheve gjyqësore Shkodër, Fier e Vlorë.

The High Inspector of Justice guarantees the public opinion that the priority of his work is the serious review and evaluation of all allegations submitted, both by citizens and institutions, regarding the actions, omissions or conduct of magistrates within or outside their function.

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