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British media on alert: Officials must 'eliminate' Albanian gangs, they have corrupted prisons

British media on alert: Officials must 'eliminate' Albanian gangs,

Why is it that no UK government department, least of all the Home Office or the Police, is able to stop the growth of vicious criminal gangs entering the UK from Albania – and the immigration courts routinely side with the ringleaders? gangs and Albanian gang masters, allowing them to live permanently in Britain, writes GB News .

Today, the largest contingent of foreign nationals in UK prisons are... Albanians, around 1,475. British prisoners claim that many wings of UK prisons are now controlled by highly disciplined groups of Albanian thugs, who themselves must obey the orders of the gang leaders.

One of these, the ridiculously named but feared 'Hellbanianz' gang are, or were, based on a property in Barking, with members often displaying their criminal exploits on social media.

Even worse, UK asylum courts granted consent between 2021-2022 to more than half of all Albanian applicants, even though Albania is a perfectly safe country by international standards. What can Albanians flee from, except poverty, which is not and has never been a legal path to asylum.

In January, two notorious Albanian crime lords Gjelosh Kolicaj and Resul Rahova were jailed for money laundering and drug trafficking – but our sitting judges allowed them to avoid deportation as it would 'infringe on their human rights' - according to Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR).

The pair organized groups of couriers who traveled 80 times from the UK in two years to Albania, taking more than £100,000 worth of cash in suitcases – or a total of £8m – secreted in their homeland. After 14 years in power, the Conservative Government has failed admirably to protect Britons from these gangsters – and it seems highly unlikely that any future Labor government after July 4 will take tough action.

Most of the Albanians absurdly arrested by the police in the UK have handed officers a standard letter claiming they will stay in the UK under the Modern Slavery Act, which, absurdly, gives them the legal right to stay here for a whole year while their "application" is processed.

Interestingly, Irish gangs of yore dominated scams at used car auctions, mass dumping and setting up caravan sites in rural areas and then demanding money from locals to leave. In addition, it was the Vietnamese who once controlled most of the UK's drug supply.

But not anymore: in both cases, Albania's most violent and ruthless criminals have sidelined all other gangs – not least because Albanians are armed and won't hesitate to use them against those who they get in the way.

In Albania, drug gangs have bribed prison officials and smuggled weapons inside to assassinate rival gang members. This has enabled convicted gangsters to claim that they cannot be deported to Albania as the prisons are no longer 'safe'. Indeed it is not only Great Britain but most of Europe that needs to control Albanian crime as their tentacles penetrate many communities in continental Europe as well.

Only a coordinated, supranational initiative will succeed in tackling the rising levels of violence and extortion that inevitably occur in the wake of drug trafficking.

As Britain enters a short, sharp election period - all parties must ask: "What do you intend to do to eliminate these gangs"? And would they implement the departure from the ECtHR to finally give Parliament and the courts a free hand to deport convicted criminals – and not just Albanians – but Poles and Romanians, both of whose nationalities now have more than 600 in UK prisons?

In El Salvador, a country sickened by decades of endless bloodshed by seemingly untouchable gangs, it finally rounded up 80,000 and imprisoned them in a maximum prison with the most basic conditions.

This, of course, will not happen in Europe, but something must happen soon before the Albanian crime gangs are permanently embedded in Britain.

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