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"Mirror" article about "Hellbanianz": Albanians target, gangsters show their 'muscles' to the British

"Mirror" article about "Hellbanianz": Albanians target,

The British media 'Mirror' has devoted an article to the Albanian gang "Hellbanianz", known in the United Kingdom as the most famous.

According to the 'Mirror ', the Albanian drug gang targets all locals who go to Britain.

The media has brought the confession of a woman who lives and accepts the members of 'Hellbanianz'. She says that the Albanian gangsters who live in her residential area have instilled fear in other residents.

The 'Hellbanianz' gang are based on an estate in Gascoigne in Barking, with members often showing their criminal exploits on social media. To increase their notoriety, East London gangsters often appear with cars, money and guns on Instagram.

Resident Daisy O'Doherty says members of the Hellbanianz deliberately behave in an intimidating manner to locals.

The gang gained notoriety in 2017 after they began releasing rap videos bragging about the money they made from drug trafficking and other criminal activities.

MyLondon reported that a few months ago, O'Doherty was woken late at night by her dog barking - before things took an unpleasant turn.

“She was getting really nervous around two in the morning, my cats were getting scared too, I just gave them up to be rescue animals. I heard noises outside and opened my front door to a policeman with a gun and dog. He was yelling at me to get inside. The red laser points were pointing at me - I thought they were going to take me out," the British woman confessed.

It was later revealed that the raid was part of a police operation aimed at disrupting a 'rent-a-gun' operation in south-east England.

O'Doherty explained that residents like her had learned to live near Hellbanianz gang members.

"You just constantly hear people in their cars or pulling up or yelling things at each other or playing music or talking really loudly. But it's done for a reason," she said. “It's always worrying here now, that's life, there are so many threats going on. Especially as a white female living alone on a council estate. I'm a target, no doubt."

O'Doherty claims that drug gangs in the estate have targeted people who rent flats.

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