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Nora Malaj: The education system has failed, in 2030 they will study for influencers

Nora Malaj: The education system has failed, in 2030 they will study for

The former Deputy Minister of Education, Nora Malaj, said that in 2030, students are expected to choose the branch of influencer, thus ironizing the shortcomings in the education system.

In an interview for "Review" in Euronews Albania, according to her, this will happen because the studies are oriented by the demands of the labor market and the influencer will be seen as a very good employment opportunity.

" The education system is spiral-shaped. It starts from preschool and ends at university. I would even go a little deeper, it starts in the early and late childhood system, so it starts from 3 to x age. We depopulated the country, we did Kassandra, but no one believed us when we said it. We say with pain that all of us are members of the academic field and we want it to be better and we have understood 4 things.

There is no education without money, anywhere in the world. The most important problem is how you see the whole development approach to get to the university to do what is called nationwide progression. If you see the way the priorities and non-priorities were ranked, it shows an indisputable fact, the labor market guides the study and I guarantee it, in 2030 60% of the studies will change. For the first time, a new trend is entering this year.

The influencer trend with contemporary technology is being called one of the best fields of study because today the world is moving towards this approach," said Malaj.


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