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The objective is "Galacticos 2", Real Madrid is looking for Bellingam, Mbappe and Haaland package

The objective is "Galacticos 2", Real Madrid is looking for Bellingam,

The market is always a hot topic in football with players being hinted at for transfers to various clubs. Real Madrid is among the most successful clubs in the world and has always managed to buy world-class players.

Many fans of the Spanish club dream of a "Galacticos 2" era, where after the team of the early 2000s, now Real Madrid wants the stars who are naming their teams.

President Florentino Perez wants to bring Jude Bellingam (Dortmund), Kylian Mbappe (Paris SG) and Erling Haaland (Manchester City) to the team at the same time.

All three are not easy to achieve. Even Perez is clear that the operations will be complicated and very expensive.

But he is obsessed with getting all three stars together in Madrid. The problem is that all three have contracts in force and he has to wait at least two years to close a galactic project that will ensure success.

Perez wants to start his summer shopping spree with Dortmund star Bellingham. Then in 2024 he will seek to bring the new captain of France, Mbappe, to the team, and close everything with Erling Haaland from Manchester City, with the objective of building an exceptional team, which can rightly be christened as "Galacticos 2".

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