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The American professor gives the alarm: Kosovo is in danger, a front can be opened to distract the West

The American professor gives the alarm: Kosovo is in danger, a front can be

The director of the program for peace and human rights at the respective institute at Columbia University, David Philips expresses concern about the situation in the Western Balkans, especially after Vladimir Putin's campaign in Ukraine.

Speaking in an interview with A2 CNN, Philips said that Putin's statement two days ago, about the use of nuclear weapons, shows that the war could become wider.

"The world is divided between democrats and autocrats. Vucic is on the side of the autocrats. If Putin feels desperate about losing the war, he may try to distract the West and NATO by opening another front and using Serbia and Vucic as a distant war. We have to prepare for this", adds the American professor.  

Philips analyzes the situation of Kosovo, where according to him the deadlock of recognition cannot be solved only with European mediation.

"The EU lacks legitimacy as a mediator, Lajcak and Borelli come from countries that have not recognized Kosovo themselves. The US should have a more active role", are his words, adding that Washington "must recognize that their friends in the region are the Albanians. USA has no closer friends in the world than the Albanians. Instead of maintaining an equal position, he should make it clear that he is exerting his weight in support of Kosovo's position", said the American professor.

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