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'The prosecutor of the case can appeal the decision for Tahir'

'The prosecutor of the case can appeal the decision for Tahir'

Tahiri left prison today, to continue his sentence under "house arrest", according to the decision of the Court of Elbasan. At the request of the prosecutor of the case, Mustafa Turku, judge Matilda Fetahu announced the decision to release him.

Reliable sources of the journalist Anila Hoxha stated that despite the fact that the prosecutor of the case has approved the release of the former minister Saimir Tahiri, on Monday they see the possibility of appealing.

For the former minister, there are two medical-legal expertises, which justify why he cannot stay in prison for the remainder of his sentence.

Hoxha learns that in one of them, it is said that Tahiri has health problems. While in the second report-expertise, it is explained that the wife of the former minister is not in good health and as a result, there is no one to take care of the children. The request, which was made six months ago in the Court of Elbasan, was accepted this Friday.

Meanwhile, Tahir's lawyer says that the conditions for his client's release have been met.

 "These are the conditions that have been met. Saimir Tahir has one year, seven months and 11 days left. The conditions state that this child is a minor and the law states that the wife is incapacitated and Tahir's wife is sick. There is no danger and the person himself is not dangerous. These four conditions, which are easily proven, led the court to change the measure", said Maks Haxhia.

Tahiri was sentenced to three years and four months in prison for the charge of abuse of office, since during his time in charge of the police department, Habilaj cultivated cannabis sativa.

But, in order to reduce the sentence and gain freedom, Tahiri has put all the cards into play. In December of last year, SPAK, the probation service and the VIP prisoner appealed to the Court of Elbasan.

A procedural glitch then convinced Saimir Tahir that until February 4, 2022, when it was decided that he would go to jail, time was ticking for him as a convict on probation.

The former minister told the Elbasan Court that SPAK forgot to issue an order for the execution of the sentence despite the fact that he appeared before the probation service.

The probation service insisted that the former official appeared only once and was refused because the prosecution did not bring a warrant. SPAK insisted that the decision was not final and there was no legal reason to issue an execution order. top channel

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