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Rama-Mc Gonigal, Goci: The American embassy is deliberately silent

Rama-Mc Gonigal, Goci: The American embassy is deliberately silent

Activist and lecturer Ervin Goci said that the Democratic Party has a moral superiority regardless of the difficulties it faces.

Invited to "A Show" on Syri Tv, according to Goci, regarding the corruption scandal of the prime minister with McGonigal, the American embassy was the first to react because it was aware, but its silence is intentional.

"The government has a tendency for everything to take place on television because big promises are made on television and a virtuality is nurtured which the government likes a lot. For me it is a big mistake because this is all political and I have written in my space that I have on social networks that the Democratic Party does not matter what difficulty it is in, but it has an extraordinary moral superiority.

The embassy has not taken a step to take a stand to react since the visits because I think they have been aware. The embassy is informed when there are important visits, when personalities come who are very powerful and very important in the USA, and I think the embassy should have a reaction.

I think that from the position of the embassy, ​​at least those circumstances that are official circumstances that 'we have not heard anything, no one has told us' should be explained. The fact that even this is not done means that there is a deliberate silence carried out in circumstances where perhaps the opposite cannot be done" , he said.



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