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Rain, storms and lower temperatures, what will the temperatures be like today and during the week

Rain, storms and lower temperatures, what will the temperatures be like today

This week our country will be affected by unstable atmospheric conditions as a result of the gradual withdrawal of the African anticyclonic circulation with warm and dry air masses and the penetration of moist and cold northern air masses.

In most of the days, the pressure will be low and the temperature fluctuations will be pronounced, especially the drops in the maximum values.

On Monday, the weather will be clear and high and transparent clouds will pass.

On Tuesday, the weather will initially be clear, while after noon we have a total change in the meteorological situation, where we have a gradual development of clouds. The clouds will be medium to dense accompanied by low to medium intensity rain in the form of thunderstorms.

Rainfall will also be present during Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in the form of rapid downpours and storms with electrical discharges and hail which in short time intervals in the northwest of the country and in urban areas mainly during the day problems appear on Wednesday. However, there will be occasional sunny intervals.

Snowfall will return to the Alps and the mountain reliefs in the north-northeast-southeast of the country with low and locally average intensity at heights above 700m.

During Wednesday, the wind will be intense from time to time in the northwest-southwest direction 2-9m/s, while in the mountains, valleys and along the coastline it will reach a speed of 12-18m/s, accompanied by waves in the Adriatic and Ionian seas of strength 4-5 faces.

The presence of fog and mist in the early hours of the morning as well as at the time of rain and snow is emphasized.

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