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Survey: Corruption and misgovernance push Albanians to emigrate

Survey: Corruption and misgovernance push Albanians to emigrate

The Albanian Institute for International Studies presented on Tuesday in a round table the findings of the national survey on the perceptions, trends and expectations of Albanians regarding migration.

Albert Rakipi, director of the Institute of International Studies, called the current wave of immigration a security threat in itself, comparing it to two previous waves in the 1990s and 1997, which were simply symptoms of a weak state.

"For the first time, migration is turning into a security threat in itself. During the last decade alone, 400,000 Albanians have left the country", Rakipi said during his speech.

The study entitled: "Migration, depopulation and instability: the silent crisis", carried out in cooperation with the Hanns Seidel Stiftung foundation, during the month of April included 1200 participants from Albania and sheds light on their wishes, aspirations and plans regarding emigration.

The findings of the study show a great desire of Albanians to leave the country if they were given the opportunity.

"70% of the interviewees stated that they would emigrate from Albania if they had the opportunity, while 28% of them thought of leaving the country forever", the findings of the study show.

According to the author of the survey, Andi Balla, the most disturbing figure is exactly that part of the population who are most likely to leave the country within a year.

"19% of those who have expressed their desire to leave are very likely to actually leave within 12 months", Balla emphasized.

The survey revealed that among the main reasons that push Albanian citizens to leave Albania to another destination is the "search for a better life".

"49% of the interviewees stated that they are looking for a better life, while the other reason is that of financial income and employment", the findings of the report cite.

The survey also shows that 54% of those interviewed see themselves outside of Albania in the next five years.

"Of course this is somewhat unrealistic and impossible, but this shows the tendency of the population to leave", said Andi Balla.

The interviewees have listed unemployment, corruption, bad governance and the lack of opportunities in the country as the main problems of the current society, while 58% of them are of the opinion that the future of Albania is going in the wrong direction. Reporter.al

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