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SPAK operation for persons involved in organized crime, BIRN: It is being carried out in different areas of the country

SPAK operation for persons involved in organized crime, BIRN: It is being

The Special Prosecutor's Office against Corruption and Organized Crime, SPAK is known to have been carrying out an operation in several regions of the country since Friday morning for the execution of restraining orders against persons involved in organized crime, suspected of being perpetrators of serious events. Until the afternoon of Friday, May 17, sources from SPAK confirmed to BIRN that the operation is still underway with the aim of executing court decisions, as well as securing new evidence during inspections. According to SPAK, at the end of the operation in the following hours, the public will be informed about the data of this investigation, which is learned to be based on the data provided by the French justice authorities from the interceptions of the encrypted platforms SKY and EncroChat.

Based on the same sources, SPAK finalized another operation in July 2023, placing in handcuffs the businessman Pëllumb Gjoka, announced by the government "Rama" as a strategic investor, two officials of the State Police, one of them Oltion Bistri, the former head of the Directorate of the Operational Force, the prosecutor of Kukës Xhevahir Lita, as well as other persons.

Gjoka's "strategic" project planned the investment of 52 million euros in a virgin area on the beach of Velipoja in Shkodër, in exchange for which, the Albanian state engaged taxpayers' resources to ensure water supply, electricity, sewage and other services. public. But the additional file brought from France to Albanian justice led to his arrest as a key figure of an organized crime group, responsible for murder and ordering assassinations as well as for active corruption of public officials.

The findings from these investigations about the involvement of police officers in organized crime led to the inclusion in self-declaration forms for the police of a question about the use of encrypted or secure messaging applications SKY and Encrochat.

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